Monday, 18 July 2011

Bubba - Midnight Man ep Feedback and more!!

Richie Hawtin dropping Make Me Feel in Space @ Carl Cox The Revolution!!

Anil Chawla - Orig of Jus Wanna is the pick for me... Excellent. Deepgroove mix is nice too.

dOP - nice one! thr arithmetics remix is super cool for crazy morning bliss.

Horatio (Natural Rhythm) - nice ep i like it

Matt Samuels - support : ) x

Luciano - Thanks for the music, I appreciate but will take time to listen to it and send you a feedback asap. L

Jim Rivers - always good to get the latest alive. this time feeling the arithmetics remix

Dj T - Download for T.

Dibby Dougherty - Very cool release, Original of Jus Wanna Be With U hits the spot for me though,

Omid 16B - download

Matthew Bushwacka! - fat (Make Me Feel Original 7/10)

John McIver - Been all over the original's since Bubba conjured these wee gems up, big props to Deepgroove their remix is top! Big release once again from Alive!!

Gel Abril - cool stuff! (Jus Wanna Be With U Original Mix 7/10)

Ramon Tapia - top release arithmetics mix and jus wanna be with you orig are my picks here :) nice one !

Troy Pierce - make me feel is nice.

Martin Get Physical - download for MANDY
Rob Mello - sounding good

Neil Quigley - Everyone's a winner on this EP. Arithmetics' remix in particular!

Lee Deepgroove - Although our remix is obviously my favourite, I will be playing all of these, and am marking them 10/10 as well...:)

Mark Farina - nice (Make Me Feel Original Mix - 7/10)

Phil Weeks - sounds cool will play (Deepgroove Remix)

Julien Chaptal - Nice one guys! I like Make Me Feel.

Raymundo Rodriguez - I'm digging the original mixes and the Deepgroove remix.

Reset Robot - Jus Wanna Be With You is for me! Great stuff.

The Junkies - Make Me Feel orig. sounds really cool.. we'll give it a try

Wesley S (Toolroom) - cool (Jus Wanna Be With U Original Mix - 7/10)

Cozzy D - Cool EP. Make Me Feel Original + Arithmetics Mixes are the ones for me. Thanks :)

Ewan Pearson - Make Me Feel is the one for me!

Timmy Stewart - Sick release, that Deepgroove remix is hot shit!!!

Onionz - SIK! (Arithmetics Remix - 8/10)

Paco Osuna - download thank you

Arjun Vagale - Arithmetics Remix is ace !

Audiojack - Downloading for Audiojack who will feedback if they like the track

Nathan Coles - Lovely stuff thanks :o)

Pedramovich - Very hypnotic ep, sleazey. Like it a lot. The arithmetics remix is dope. Deepgroove's remix is perfect to jack the shit out of the dancefloor, nice n trippy aswell. Thankin you full support :)

Elio Riso (Space, Ibiza) - nice , full support (Deepgroove Remix 8/10)

Richie Hawtin - download for r hawtin

Tom Findlay - love orig mix of jus wanna be with u, deep sultry groove

Thomas Schumacher - Killer remix! FULL support...Thanks. (Arithmetics remix 9/10)

Daniel Sanchez - Great music here!! thanx Alive!!

Eelke Kleijn - Very fond the Make Me Feel. Also remix by Arithmetics is good

Alan Fitzpatrick - great release!

Jimpster - Lovely synth hook in Make Me Feel and a nice lo slung groove n all. Arithmetics turn in a tasty mix too. nice one.

Tom Morgan - Liking the Arithmetics remix, thanks.

Darlyn Vlys - Love "Jus Wanna Be With U" I'll play! Thanks

James Talk - Great remix from Arithmetics!

Worthy - Ahh yahh love me some Bubba... Feeling The whole package on this one, love them grooves.

Harri  - liking these

Mihai Popoviciu - i like both versions of make me feel!

Magda - Downloaded for Magda.

James Dutton - Love it! "Jus Wanna Be With U" is my pick. Will play.

Dubfire - downloading for Dubfire.thanks!

Orde Meikle (SLAM) - all cool trax - will spin thanx

Teva - great sounding ep, been playing make me feel for a while now! love it!

Mouj - Amazing release!

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