Monday, 13 September 2010

New Bubba remix of Baffa - Walice in Onderland


Bearweasel: Cool slo-mo stuff from bubba as awlays
The Timewriter: Bubba's Down The Hole Mix is fantastic and so is the Arno & Roquette Remix wich will definetely find its way into my nights..Full support.Thanks
Einmusik: Nice release. Thanks
Brett Johnson: I think Bubba's is the one for me here. Thx. b
Lula Circus (Resopal): bubba remix is interesting
John Digweed: Original for me.
Markus Homm: Nice EP. Will play!
Kosmas Epsilon: Love its kinda darkish vibe, original for me :)
Dubble D/Moodymanc : Original sounds fantastic! also diggin the Bubba and Arno and Roquette mixes, cheers..
Anderson Noise : Great! 5/5
Rolf (Blast FM, Switzerland): Nice music. it's so hard to name a track. which one will get the most plays?? can't decide. well done. and thanks. and congrat to the 50th!!
Danny Stott (Lost My Dog): Congratulations on 50 quality releases, more quality stuff on offer with this, arno & roquette remix is nice and twisted, also digging Miguel Colmenares mix, excellent stuff.
Joan Ribas (Ibiza): DEEP & GROOVY, NICE ONE
President Bongo - Great release!
Miles Maeda (Tokyo): nice midtempo adventure!
Pierr Revan: Awesome Dark Deep in my KaRavan
Danilo D'Andrea (Italy) - miguel colmenares remix, thanks
Larry Peters (Chile): cool ep, nice sound, dark concept, very good.full support!!!
Sebastian Oscilla (Neurotraxx): thank You for sending the promo.Nice Ep.Really enjoy Miguel Colmenares Remix.
Harper (Boogie Mafia): Miguel Colmenares remix sounds cool but Bubba version is excellent, really like it. will give it a spin for sure. thanks, HARPER Polskie Radio 4 / Laif magazine
Deepology: Miguel Colmenares is for me
Mokic: Bubba's Remix for me , insane !
Manchini (Club Glboal Lithuania): Love Original mix all the way! Darky, scary and deep!
Benji Candelario : HOT!!!!
Tyler Stadius: Cool tunes to commemorate the big 50 & going strong. Congrats & thank you for sharing such quality music. I really appreciate it.
Phat Jack: Great Track, i love the Miguel mix
Ralph Boege (Connaisseur): bubbas down for me.
Matty Gillespie (Ibiza Sonica): really like the bubba remix!! will play !
Dave Hughes (Palette): Congrats on the 50th release Darran loving the original mix here, very appropriately named! Thanks and regards Dave
Dibby Dougherty (Yello Belfast): Bubbas mix is hot,expect lots of plays at my end, congrats on the 50th release buddy
Spin Science (Urbantorque): lovely stuff!
Da Wiseguy (Spin FM): wow - 50 all ready. they grow up so quick these days....! :) tough choice between bubba & amo/roquette....but....have to give it bubba on this one!! blissed out broken beat, with a tinge of nu disco.....lovely!!
Untitled Music: Dirty grooves with a glorious grit to the sound - nice work and congratulations on the 50th!
Delmar Browne (Pre Party Radio / Brooklyn, NY ): An Astounding Trek Toward An Anthem In The Making!
Randy Brusseto: Will take Miguel Colmenares version. Very deep, with a fat subbass, a hard work on the key notes. Perfect !
AMDJ's (Russia): Congratulations with the anniversary, Darran! Bubba remix is amazing! Blowing slow motion stuff!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

New Bubba Remix of Jet Project - Cuba Walking!!

Oh we're rolling now, deadly music is coming into the Extended Play HQ thick and fast.
Lucky for you we're knocking 90% of it back, and using extremely complicated distillation machinery to ensure the remaining 10% is up to our (and hopefully your) very high standards

So, why are we bothering you with EP008 ?
Well, because quite simply it's a stunning package - Jet Project need no introduction, they've got more stuff on the web than Bill Gates, and most of it is much better than Windows 95.
'Cuba Walking' is inspired by the acclaimed hollywood star Cuba Gooding Jnr. Bizarrely he was walking past their Belfast studio just at the point they dropped the massive Piano riff into the track !

As always, the remix line-up is second to none: Rampa & Re.You take a hatchet to the parts, stripping off most of the meat and getting right down to the marrow bone - they like it raw. Elsewhere Half Inch Jack do what they do best and take this back to somewhere altogether darker, sweatier and drum machine driven. Back 2 Basics stalwarts Buckley & Jon Woodall beam their excellent UK flavoured rub directly in from the floor of Stinky's Peep House, while the ever on form Bubba proves he's the new Mogadon of Slo-mo housychedilcs with a gloriously executed slab of smooth.

Tom Budden - Mahoosive!
iopis - love the bubba and rampa
va Starr - bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iHarri(Sub Club) - original and bubbas mix do it for me
uca Lozano - The Original and Bubba remix will be receiving heavy rotation from the Klasse Crew! Thanks!
L Biru Bee (Round Table Knights) - Another Jet Project sure shot... Mike Monday - great package! nicely
r - Original\'s stonking and the best of the bunch. Gavin Herlihy
Rob Mello - Great package! Loving the original and the Half Incher. Sei A - Original, Rampa Bill Brewst
e- Lots to play with in this EP thanks to the original and some wicked remixes. Highlights for me are Buckley and WOodall\'s mix and the Rampa mix but could happily play everything on here..
Camel - Another strong release on Extended play! Cuba walking is dope! Bearweasel - bubba does it again... lovely kit James Tak - original mix is the one for me! wicked groove
bba mix. Support! Original Mix sounds good as well. Joris Voorn - Great Rampa remix!! Jairo Catelo -
Moodymanc - am liking the original and bubba mixes on first listen ta...will download and have a mess! Miguel Manzano - Yes yes, Half Inch Jack Strict Border - Really like the B u Nice ep....i love the original mix and HALF INCH JACK REWIRE) good work!!boyzs!!!thanks Matthew Styles - Stronhg release guys.. will find time for all! The Revenge - Half Inch Jack For Me
for me! Murray Richardson - top stuff once again from the jet project - difficult to pick a fav mi
Mr Henry Von - Solid selection! Liking the original and also the Bubba mix the most here. Thanks :) Tom Flynn - Wowza! Such a good release, The original and Half inch Jack remix are the one sx on this - all sounding great!!! Rachel Barton - Love the original, great for radio and club.
, with the Original probably just shading it although I\'m sure I\'ll play all three mixes at various points! My fave Extended Play EP so far :) Thanks for sending Reznik - nice one, will play Q-Burns Abstract Message - Nice variety of mixes here. Bubba\'s Rol
Ali (OOFT) - Yo guys, good stuff. Digging the sound of the Original, Half Inch Jack and Bubba mixe sled version surprised me a bit and I really dig it, so it\'s my pick. There\'s also some interesting bits happening in the Buckley Orde Meikle (Slam) - all strong mixes - always cool productions - playing -thanx guys respect
Mugwump - really nice. loving 1/2 inch jack rmx (as always) and he bubba rework. thx a lot !!!