Monday, 13 September 2010

New Bubba remix of Baffa - Walice in Onderland


Bearweasel: Cool slo-mo stuff from bubba as awlays
The Timewriter: Bubba's Down The Hole Mix is fantastic and so is the Arno & Roquette Remix wich will definetely find its way into my nights..Full support.Thanks
Einmusik: Nice release. Thanks
Brett Johnson: I think Bubba's is the one for me here. Thx. b
Lula Circus (Resopal): bubba remix is interesting
John Digweed: Original for me.
Markus Homm: Nice EP. Will play!
Kosmas Epsilon: Love its kinda darkish vibe, original for me :)
Dubble D/Moodymanc : Original sounds fantastic! also diggin the Bubba and Arno and Roquette mixes, cheers..
Anderson Noise : Great! 5/5
Rolf (Blast FM, Switzerland): Nice music. it's so hard to name a track. which one will get the most plays?? can't decide. well done. and thanks. and congrat to the 50th!!
Danny Stott (Lost My Dog): Congratulations on 50 quality releases, more quality stuff on offer with this, arno & roquette remix is nice and twisted, also digging Miguel Colmenares mix, excellent stuff.
Joan Ribas (Ibiza): DEEP & GROOVY, NICE ONE
President Bongo - Great release!
Miles Maeda (Tokyo): nice midtempo adventure!
Pierr Revan: Awesome Dark Deep in my KaRavan
Danilo D'Andrea (Italy) - miguel colmenares remix, thanks
Larry Peters (Chile): cool ep, nice sound, dark concept, very good.full support!!!
Sebastian Oscilla (Neurotraxx): thank You for sending the promo.Nice Ep.Really enjoy Miguel Colmenares Remix.
Harper (Boogie Mafia): Miguel Colmenares remix sounds cool but Bubba version is excellent, really like it. will give it a spin for sure. thanks, HARPER Polskie Radio 4 / Laif magazine
Deepology: Miguel Colmenares is for me
Mokic: Bubba's Remix for me , insane !
Manchini (Club Glboal Lithuania): Love Original mix all the way! Darky, scary and deep!
Benji Candelario : HOT!!!!
Tyler Stadius: Cool tunes to commemorate the big 50 & going strong. Congrats & thank you for sharing such quality music. I really appreciate it.
Phat Jack: Great Track, i love the Miguel mix
Ralph Boege (Connaisseur): bubbas down for me.
Matty Gillespie (Ibiza Sonica): really like the bubba remix!! will play !
Dave Hughes (Palette): Congrats on the 50th release Darran loving the original mix here, very appropriately named! Thanks and regards Dave
Dibby Dougherty (Yello Belfast): Bubbas mix is hot,expect lots of plays at my end, congrats on the 50th release buddy
Spin Science (Urbantorque): lovely stuff!
Da Wiseguy (Spin FM): wow - 50 all ready. they grow up so quick these days....! :) tough choice between bubba & amo/roquette....but....have to give it bubba on this one!! blissed out broken beat, with a tinge of nu disco.....lovely!!
Untitled Music: Dirty grooves with a glorious grit to the sound - nice work and congratulations on the 50th!
Delmar Browne (Pre Party Radio / Brooklyn, NY ): An Astounding Trek Toward An Anthem In The Making!
Randy Brusseto: Will take Miguel Colmenares version. Very deep, with a fat subbass, a hard work on the key notes. Perfect !
AMDJ's (Russia): Congratulations with the anniversary, Darran! Bubba remix is amazing! Blowing slow motion stuff!

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