Sunday, 31 July 2011

New Bubba Mixtape for Deep North Canada!!

Deeply Rooted Mixtape number ten.  Its hard to believe that four months have quickly passed us and that we are already on our tenth exclusive mix in our Deeply Rooted Series.  The response to the mix series has been overwhelming, with major talents such as Tomas JirkuMr. Ho and Barletta, among others, taking time to carefully craft us exclusive works to share with our beloved readers.  We thank everyone for their contruibutions and are happy to announce that the tenth mix is just as special.
Our tenth mix comes from Jonny Smyth, aka Bubba, a man with magical talent in music and who, although not as widely recognized as some of his more mainstream counterparts, has released music with some of the most respected  names in the industry.  Hailing from Belfast, Ireland, Bubba is a man with serious accomplishments in the house music game.  With his friend Mark Scoper, Bubba released tracks on Luke Solomon and Derrick Carter's label Classic and Paul Woolford's project Hip Therapy.  Bubba also has worked with Jet Project on a team project called Bubba & T-Bone, with releases on labels such as Elevation, Mode Music and Tom Budden's Alive Imprint.  As a solo artist, Bubba has been making major moves as well, with amazing releases on respected labels such as Klasse RecordingsExtended Play, Assymetric and Logical.  The future looks friendly for this hard working house head who loves big bass and the odd wonk and skronk - - we hope to see our good friend out here in Toronto in the coming year or so, and we would love it if you could too.
We are honoured to present to you Bubba's Bass Huggin' Mix, the tenth in our Deeply Rooted Mixtape series.  This one-hour long mix is packed with wicked tunes from artists such as Manik, Tom Demac, Chirs Carrier, Kink & Neville Watson, dOP andMaceo Plex Get your dancing shoes on and prepare for some serious action kids - - Bubba is here, and he is not fucking around.
To see the tracklisting for Bubba's mix and to see the other mixes in our Deeply Rooted Series Click Here.
DRM 010 - Bubba's Bass Huggin Mix >>> Right click and "Save Link As" to download the exclusive mix

Monday, 18 July 2011

Bubba - Midnight Man ep Feedback and more!!

Richie Hawtin dropping Make Me Feel in Space @ Carl Cox The Revolution!!

Anil Chawla - Orig of Jus Wanna is the pick for me... Excellent. Deepgroove mix is nice too.

dOP - nice one! thr arithmetics remix is super cool for crazy morning bliss.

Horatio (Natural Rhythm) - nice ep i like it

Matt Samuels - support : ) x

Luciano - Thanks for the music, I appreciate but will take time to listen to it and send you a feedback asap. L

Jim Rivers - always good to get the latest alive. this time feeling the arithmetics remix

Dj T - Download for T.

Dibby Dougherty - Very cool release, Original of Jus Wanna Be With U hits the spot for me though,

Omid 16B - download

Matthew Bushwacka! - fat (Make Me Feel Original 7/10)

John McIver - Been all over the original's since Bubba conjured these wee gems up, big props to Deepgroove their remix is top! Big release once again from Alive!!

Gel Abril - cool stuff! (Jus Wanna Be With U Original Mix 7/10)

Ramon Tapia - top release arithmetics mix and jus wanna be with you orig are my picks here :) nice one !

Troy Pierce - make me feel is nice.

Martin Get Physical - download for MANDY
Rob Mello - sounding good

Neil Quigley - Everyone's a winner on this EP. Arithmetics' remix in particular!

Lee Deepgroove - Although our remix is obviously my favourite, I will be playing all of these, and am marking them 10/10 as well...:)

Mark Farina - nice (Make Me Feel Original Mix - 7/10)

Phil Weeks - sounds cool will play (Deepgroove Remix)

Julien Chaptal - Nice one guys! I like Make Me Feel.

Raymundo Rodriguez - I'm digging the original mixes and the Deepgroove remix.

Reset Robot - Jus Wanna Be With You is for me! Great stuff.

The Junkies - Make Me Feel orig. sounds really cool.. we'll give it a try

Wesley S (Toolroom) - cool (Jus Wanna Be With U Original Mix - 7/10)

Cozzy D - Cool EP. Make Me Feel Original + Arithmetics Mixes are the ones for me. Thanks :)

Ewan Pearson - Make Me Feel is the one for me!

Timmy Stewart - Sick release, that Deepgroove remix is hot shit!!!

Onionz - SIK! (Arithmetics Remix - 8/10)

Paco Osuna - download thank you

Arjun Vagale - Arithmetics Remix is ace !

Audiojack - Downloading for Audiojack who will feedback if they like the track

Nathan Coles - Lovely stuff thanks :o)

Pedramovich - Very hypnotic ep, sleazey. Like it a lot. The arithmetics remix is dope. Deepgroove's remix is perfect to jack the shit out of the dancefloor, nice n trippy aswell. Thankin you full support :)

Elio Riso (Space, Ibiza) - nice , full support (Deepgroove Remix 8/10)

Richie Hawtin - download for r hawtin

Tom Findlay - love orig mix of jus wanna be with u, deep sultry groove

Thomas Schumacher - Killer remix! FULL support...Thanks. (Arithmetics remix 9/10)

Daniel Sanchez - Great music here!! thanx Alive!!

Eelke Kleijn - Very fond the Make Me Feel. Also remix by Arithmetics is good

Alan Fitzpatrick - great release!

Jimpster - Lovely synth hook in Make Me Feel and a nice lo slung groove n all. Arithmetics turn in a tasty mix too. nice one.

Tom Morgan - Liking the Arithmetics remix, thanks.

Darlyn Vlys - Love "Jus Wanna Be With U" I'll play! Thanks

James Talk - Great remix from Arithmetics!

Worthy - Ahh yahh love me some Bubba... Feeling The whole package on this one, love them grooves.

Harri  - liking these

Mihai Popoviciu - i like both versions of make me feel!

Magda - Downloaded for Magda.

James Dutton - Love it! "Jus Wanna Be With U" is my pick. Will play.

Dubfire - downloading for Dubfire.thanks!

Orde Meikle (SLAM) - all cool trax - will spin thanx

Teva - great sounding ep, been playing make me feel for a while now! love it!

Mouj - Amazing release!