Thursday, 3 March 2011

New Bubba remix for Dubnoir, Feedback and Videos!!!

DNM- 016 - "SUSWOUR EP" Releases March 14th 2011, via (Exclusive for 4 Weeks)

Original tracks by: HOH
Tracks: Suswour, Pianois & Jusanuva Beat
Remix by: Bubba (Suswour)

Click here to listen to the EP:


JET PROJECT (SNATCH) "Our boy Bubba rips it up as per"

SHIR-KHAN (EXPLOITED) "That Bubba Remix is fucking hot! Wow! Cant wait to play this in my radioshow on Fritz and in the club! Shir Khan"

JOYCE MUNIZ (EXPLOITED) "very good produced i have to 2 favourite suswour and jusanuva its in my case thank you"

ACT YO AGE (SOUTHERN FRIED) "Wicked house music - effortlessly classic and contemporary in the same breath! Full support on all tracks - Bubba remix will be the one for us !"

PLAYMODE (EXPLOITED) "Yo bro, Loving that Bubba remix, badass business right there! Peace"

EATS EVERYTHING (SOUTHERN FRIED) "The bubba remix is MASSIVE....testing that out fo sho this weekend."

HACKMAN (PTN) "thanks for these!"

JULES & MOSS (DIRTYBIRD) "'Jusanuva beat' for us !! Cool stuff !!"

HEADSHOTBOYZ (DUBNOIR) "nice EP! will play them out for sure!"

JEFF DOUBLEU (JACK UNION) "supportin the suswour original and bubba remix, nice one! xx"

WONGO (JACK UNION) "fuckin madness man. very very good ep man, Bubba mix takes the cake for me tho. epic ep mate xx"

HOLYBOYZ (DUBNOIR) "Cool EP, Bubba remix is great!"

NICK MONACO (ANABATIC) "Very pleased with the whole ep, though I heart Suswour the most!"

TOMB CREW (SOUTHERN FRIED) "yo!! thanks again man, feelin it! i like Suswour and pianois!, i dont/ we dont get promos from any label that are as consistently as good as yours, big up!"

DARRAN NUGENT (ELEVATION) "Jasanuva Beat rocks this for me. Lovely production on this tune and the groove is just irresistible. To be honest all tracks are great. Just noticed my friend Bubba on remix duties. Nice work by him also. Thx for the promo."

IVAN (LOGICAL RECORDS) "I Love bubba,s remix, awesome rithm, cool groove and I love Jusanuva from dubnoir ... excellent sounds"

HOH (UK) DubNoir Music -

HOH (aka Hype on Hype) is based in the UK, and is most notably known for running a night called Gritter in Leicester which has brought well-known artists to the UK for some of the fiercest underground house parties. This is where HOH's musicality comes from and can be heard in this DubNoir EP. On his debut solo release HOH supplies three serious upfront chunky groovers. 

The EP kicks off with Suswour, which bumps into a catchy vocal and is the main dancefloor banger in the package. Pianois is one for the serious house heads with a pulsating piano riff ala Dj Koze stylee, that builds and builds. The final track is Jusanuva Beat, with its hypnotic groove and infectious vocal and sub combination, definately one to get the floor moving. 

Up on the Remix we have Bubba (from recent Extended Play Fame) who provides a corker that would not be out of place in a Jamie Jones / Lee Foss set. If your in Miami and playing this year, then take my work for it, this could be the ultimate jam :)

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