Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bubba - Makin Contact droppin on Beatport!!

Bubba Fett strikes again !

To say Jonny 'Bubba' Smyth has been enjoying a purple patch is something of an understatement !

'Makin' Contact' is the perfect marriage of wide grinned Coma Cat style riffing with the ever present menace of some mid-nineties Reese bassline manoeuvres - in short, it's a triple-decker club sandwich with all the fixings - just like we like 'em.

Label affiliates Jet Project and The Popular People's Front (Gay, black alter ego of the heterosexual Duckbeats project) step up to take on the behemoth head on.

JP wade straight in with another percussion heavy rub, transporting the original parts alongside some nifty spoken word samples into a late night, in-the-thick-of-it moment of prime-time peakery.

The PPF buckle up and take us on a psychedeilc stagger through a strobelit basement, like some shamanistic healing ceremony, creating a swirl and fully immersed eyes-closed moment, that's all at once liquid & louche.
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DJ Feedback :

Lucas Hunter (ZDS) : full support for the original and jet project remix...hot shit.

AliOOFT : Wow, those drums are hefty! Tough to pick between the original or PPF Dub on first listen as both are hot!

Jairo Catelo : great ep boyzs,i play 4 sure!!!thanks

Oscar Aguilera : just amazing release, full support here guys. I will play whole release!!!!

Camel : Strong record! my fav is Jet project rmx!full support!

Orde Meikle : nice EP = will play - thanx

Moodymanc : jet project fo\' sho\'!!! cheers!

Jon Woodall (Back To Basics) : Fucking mint!! Love all the mixes of this, Jet Project mix will be getting a proper spanking on Saturday at Basics too! ACE!

Q-Burns Abstract Message : NIce rhythm/groove on \"Makin\' Contact\" Jet Project mix is attention grabbing.

James Talk : jet projects mix is very cool

Rob Small : The Jet Project remix is the one doing it for me here. Will play on my travels. Thanking you kindly!x

Olibusta : Proper warehouse stuff. i LOVE this :)

Bill Brewster : Yes very good. Like the OG muchly. As is the PPF mix.

Mugwump : Cool orig. great PPF version. lovely.

Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio) : Still with the mouth open after listen to this cool and groovy sounds my friends, I cant wait for play it in my shows on Ibiza Global Radio ;) Full support!

Chris James : All Over The Original.

Robert Owens : Cool track

SHIVERS-ACT YO AGE : SWEEET ASSSS ! Wow -the original is super strong

Lonya : Great release , all mixes are superb.

James Teej : Really dope release... loving the original, but the PPF remix will get some rotations as well.

Luke Solomon : Love the orig...full support

Hannah Holland : Great release, love original and both remixes are KILLER! ...big ... will play for sure...but which one do i choose?!!

Keinemusik : Good Work! For us it´s the Jet Project Remix! Support Thanks

Rob Mello : Great mixes! Lovin it all!

Gregor Tresher : Good stuff, will try jet project mix

Harri (Sub Club) - Original mix does it for me

Tobias Koch : All tracks are great but the jet project rmx is the greatest.... like the vox work in it!!! full support!!! thanks!

Amir Javasoul : My FAVORITE EP of the month, hands down. Will be playing all mixes...no kidding no frontin, just
sayin.Really.. Thanks!

Pirupa : Great release...will play the ppf busted radio dub!:)

SCOPE : Feelin the garage vibes on the JP mix.. plays fo sho!!

Round Table Knights : Ohhh wow sooooo good!!! Just Amazing!!!

Worthy : Great release!!!! love the original and Jet project kills it again as they always doo

Emerson Todd : Org and Jet project mixes for me thanks

Feel My Bicep : super nice tracks, some serious bass in the original!

Sacha Robotti : Thx! cool original (soon to be a radio hit in the UK?), very cool Jet Project remix (soon to be played by me in the club ;))!

Hugo : Makin Contact original is cool. thanks

Tom Flynn : Jet Project remix all day long!! Thanks!

Justin Sloe (Droog) : I like the original best, nice sound that brings back the house of some time ago

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