Friday, 3 December 2010

Nacho Marco dropping Bubba - Real Good on his Loudeast show!!

From the new EP Pockets of Resistance coming soon on Disport Records Mr Marco dropping Real Good on His Loudeast Radio Show Espana!

LOUDEAST FM 04/12/10

1. Matt Flores "My Circular Orbit (Poussez Remix)" Loudeast Records
2. TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos "This Time (Downtown Party Netxowrk Remix)" Compost Black
3. Bubba "Real Good" Disport
4. Soul Factory "Another Way" One Thirty
5. Christian G " Deep Reflection (Jon Silva Remix)" Pesto
6. Casie Lane "Not Everybody" Council House
7. Alexander East "Suposed 2 Be" 3345 Music
8. Ralph Session ft Rainy Paine "The Search" Seshified
9. Ross Couch "Day By Day" Body Rhythm

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